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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are tickets required to come aboard?
Go on port of Cassis, quay Saint-Pierre, to the reception, which is on the “pétanque place” (game of bowls place) MAP.

2. Weather report, are cruises possible or cancelled?
Cruises are cancelled if the wind is blowing hard or if the weather is very bad, you can see it Facebook news or these meteo links: or

3. Baby buggy and weelchairs accesses?
Baby buggy and wheelchairs are welcome aboard but there is some conditions:
- wheelchairs must be manuals (there is no embarcation ramp but two stairs to come on boat), the sailors  shall help you to come aboard,
- only three wheelchairs are possible for safety reasons (we have to leave free access for others travelers to circulate on the boat),
- Only big boats can accept wheelchairs  (it is generally boats which make the longest visit),
- In summer, avoid 14:30-16:00, there is too many people on the quay to circulate correctly and reach ships, privilege 10:30 am and 11:00.

4. Animals on board?
Yes, your pet can be allowed aboard our ships (except categories 1 and 2).
Every people must take care for his animal.

5. Access to Cassis, parking?
Plan of Cassis with all parking are listed here: plan of CASSIS

6. Submarine vision?
No cruises with submarine vision.

7. Disembark in Calanques?
It’s not possible any more to drop off people in the Calanques according to new rules. (National park)

8. Circuit of 9 Calanques?
Our longest circuit, only in summer and with conditions (weather reports / enough people on board): you must contact us.

9. Choice of the boat?
The choice of the boat is only possible for groups.


10. Cruise in winter?
During wintry period, cruises are everyday, according to weather conditions and enough people on board.
A departure is planned in the morning at about 11 am and afternoon between 2:30 pm and 3 pm during school holidays every circuit are possible except 9 Calanques.

11. Payment?
You can pay by:
Cash – credit card Visa and MasterCard

12. Toilets on board?

There is toilets on some ships, you must ask this information when you take your ticket

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